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Violectra Strings






are a range of custom made skeletal-frame, electric violins, violas, cellos, & vio-basses.

They have been designed and made by David Bruce Johnson, in Birmingham since

1992, and are made to customer order from the workshop at Moseley Violins.


Violectra combines a distinctive sound with an excellence in design and construction.

Using a unique piezo bridge system, the sound is produced by directly sensing the

interaction of string tension over the wooden frame.

With the advance of string technology, Violectra can offer players the choice between

4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 string models.


I hope you enjoy browsing through the site and we always welcome your comments,

and I am pleased to work with your instrument ideas and requirements.


You are welcome to visit our shop to try out various Violectra models; including a 4 5 &

6 string violin, a 5 string viola, and 4 string cello.


At Moseley Violins, we offer a full range of orchestral instrument and bow sales, cases,

strings & accessories; and an expert service of repairs, restoration and valuations.

We also offer our specialist advice and supply of other branded electric violins

amplification and instrument pick ups.


David Bruce Johnson


Email Violectra :info@violectra.co.uk

Tel: +44 121 693 1214  

Moseley Violins, 2a Tudor Rd. Moseley Birmingham, U.K.  B13 8HA 

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