DAVID BRUCE JOHNSON  : 

*b.1956 in Waterloo Ontario Canada.

*1975 Completed secondary High School with main interest in landscape painting, pottery, & a broad musical experience learning piano, french horn, cello, clarinet, saxophone and flute, before settling on guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, and eventually the violin. 

He plays many styles of music, following his Canadian roots in Cape Breton traditional style fiddling and Irish Traditonal music, and ethnic instruments chinese erhu & sanqin, and african riti.  



~Acoustic Guitar ~Headstock~1977


* 1975-76. Studied at the Nova Scotia College if Art & Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

There he took the foundation in Fine Art but also broadened his interests in ceramics and

 woodworking. He completed his first acoustic steel strung guitar.

*1976-78 Continued to pursue guitar making from workshop in Ottawa, Ontario

David had his first retrospective exhibition 'Land-escapes' at the Custard Factory in Dec 1999.


 Scottish Borders View -2000




*1978-81   3 Yr Certificate in Musical Instrument Technology , London, U.K, making his first acoustic violin.

Panormo Copy and interior ,1991

Violin 1987


*1981-86 Employed as full time Violin Restorer before opening own business in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham in 1986.


    6 String Cutaway Guitar~ 1986





Restoration Duke of  Wellington Cello,1984, Rosehill Strings


Regents Place Workshop , Birmingham, 1986-1993


*1986-1992 Maker and restorer of all stringed instruments including violin family, guitar, mandolin, lute, & dulcimer. Exhibited at the Early Music Show in London 1991.     ......Development and research into electric violins...


Lute Rosette


Course Renaissance Lute ,1990
















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