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Violectra production 04/1992- 04/ 2011
String Model Violin Viola Cello Violin -Bass Viola -Bass Totals
3 STRING       1 1  
4 STRING 73 7 9 1    
5 STRING 61 6 6 2 1  
6 STRING 27 5        
7 STRING 5          
TOTALS 166 18 15 4 2 205


Violectra's distinct tonal qualities lie in the excellence of innovative design and manufacture. My knowledge in the field from 36 years experience of acoustic instrument making and restoration guarantees an instrument that is a professional working tool.

Violectra are made from selected quality hardwoods, sycamore and maple being the first choice. With weight in mind for viola and 6 &7 string models, European poplar  and South American cedar have also being chosen. The fingerboards are made of the finest ebony available each custom made to model specification and hollowed underneath for weight and balance. Each instrument is machined to thickness and outline shape, then fitted and assembled, carved and shaped by traditional hand tools. With the use of mini machine heads for precise tuning placed behind the bridge and the streamlined shape of the body, the balance of weight is placed over the shoulder. The body of Violectra is re-bated and shaped around the lower edge to take conventional chin and shoulder rests.

Being a musician myself, I am receptive to your needs when setting up with string heights and spacings. I pay particular attention to the setting angle and the shape of fingerboards and necks, and the allowance for bow and string clearances with bridge shapes. Many players trying a Violectra for the first time can testify to the ease and comfort of playing. I can offer to copy the specifications of your existing instrument, to ensure the continuity of use between your acoustic and electric instruments. I have also made new Violectra models as requested i.e.1/2 & 7/8 sizes, Magginni long pattern violin, left-handed violin, 15 1/2" & l6 1/8"violas.


                  Dave Bruce Johnson - Violectra







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