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Woods Optional Woods Special Wood Features
Poplar South American Cedar Quilted Maple Neck Laminations Pizzicato Thumb rest Arch  
Fittings Strings Tuning Gears Tuning Gear Buttons Chinrests Shoulder Rests Cello Endpin Units


An order estimate can be obtained from us upon enquiry. We are interested to hear about 

your ideas and work with you on the various options available. 

It is possible to measure your existing instrument to copy it's specification, as necessary. If 

you are interested in this option, it may be best to arrange a visit with your instrument to 

measure up and discuss key dimensions and specification needs. 




Violectra models are made from selected sycamore maple body and top grade ebony fingerboards. Woods are purchased by hand from specialist suppliers.  All woods are pre- seasoned and are kept in our wood store in advance of use. 
Highly figured maple woods are used for all standard CLASSIC Violectra models and are available in a full spectrum of colour and natural finishes.

Plain figured woods are used for the custom metallic, pearlescent or flat colour finishes

OPTIONAL WOODS                                                                     ...top of page...

Options of  European poplar or South American cedar wood for its lightweight and strength for multi stringed models.

Quilted maple is in limited supply, but has a fantastic pink marbled colour ideal for natural satin finish . ( Check 6 String Violin Markus Mueunch European Players page)


European Poplar                            ...top of page...

7 string violin 








South American Cedar neck/tailpiece  ...top of page...

European Poplar : body

7 string violin










Quilted Maple                             ...top of page...

Highly marbled figure 

(with neck lamination of paduk wood centrestrip)

6 string violin








    WOODS: SPECIAL FEATURES                                                        ...top of page...


Layers of natural woods and veneers glued vertically in a 'sandwich'  through the center of the neck for extra strength /decoration.

INNER STRIPS: approx thickness 3.5 mm: maple, purpleheart, paduk (bright red/orange) walnut, rosewood, mahogany orange/brown, ebony   ...#

FACING VENEERS: thickness .5mm  thickness: maple ( light), holly golden), mahogany orange/ brown), rosewood, ebony and dyed maple in blue or claret or other colors to order ...   

EDGE VENEERS: thickness 1mm in Rosewood, ebony, walnut or mahogany



Neck and bridge arch laminations


For resting thumb against edge of fingerboard while playing Pizzicato while holding bow 

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STRINGS              STRINGS Pricelist                                  ...top of page...

                                                                                                                                                     Violectra can be used with any string make /composition as the amplification is working on string tension /sensitive piezo transducers not magnetic pickups.

Popular brands are  D'Addario Helicore, Supersensitive Sensicore, & Thomastic Dominant

Helicore strings are now available as a 4 or 5 string violin set. 

For all low string models; ie 6 & 7 strings; Vio-bass and cello F strings Sensicore are used. 

High Viola E and High Cello E are from specialist suppliers Supersensitive

These specialist strings and standard brand strings are kept in stock for spares, and can be sent by mail order. 




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SCHALLER gears are used for their reliable and precision tuning machined tuning gears. If weight is a concern ,especially with multi- stringed models we can recommend to use the ebony buttons 

Mini M6 tuners are used for violin and viola models and M4 bass guitar gears are used for Cello as standard. Choices of plate finishes include gold, black & chrome.



TUNING GEARS - Replacement Buttons ...top of page...
 Ebony Perloid and genuine Mother of Pearl buttons are available for both the mini M6 Violin / Viola)and Standard M4 tuners (Cello/Vio-Basses)  


CHIN RESTS                                ...top of page...

The photos of the chin-rests shown are to help you identify models with names.

If the model that you use is not shown please inform me of your preferred choice and I will endeavor to get it for you.



SHOULDER RESTS                          ...top of page...

The photos of the shoulder-rests shown are to help you identify models with names.

If the model that you use is not shown please inform me of your preferred choice and I will endeavor to get it for you.



Cello Endpin Unit

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End pins are available from  Standard to Presentation Ebony / Rosewood with chrome or gilt fittings. Units are also available with hollow and lightweight carbon spikes. The Stahlhammer system employs a unique angled setting, straight to floor, for stable support.  


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