Player’s Comments

Dave Swarbrick (folk legend- sadly missed)

4 string violin, custom amber tint

  • “beautifully made – beautifully balanced” 1992
  • “I have used this violin uphill and down dale for nigh on ten years and my loss, for such it is,
    will surely be another’s gain. Whoever is lucky enough to aquire it is buying a monster instrument.
    I have spent whole nights just looking at it, and i mean complete nights through to the early hours.
    The balance will delight too. It feels as if it has no weight at all when its under the chin, it’s the easiest violin to play in the world and the most beautiful of all the electric violins i think.
    In its own way you could say its the Rolls Royce of electric violins.” 2002

Kaitlyn Hova: USA, 5 string; August 2012


I ordered a custom Violectra , which took about a year to design from two wood blocks to final instrument.  What’s awesome about the maker, David Bruce Johnson, is that he keeps you posted at every step of the building process. At this point, I have been a fan of his instruments for a DECADE(seriously), and I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with my personal model. It is such a solid, smooth design and it is just beautiful. I got to have a hand in designing everything! The wood, color, body type(hybrid), number of strings, and even specific neck measurements were all customizable…

Nigel Kennedy

  • it’s ****** incredible – man!” from HEROES AND VILLANS BAND TOUR, Europe 1993