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Nigel Kennedy, 4 string, 5 string violin, 4 string cello, custom claret and blue pearlescent

"it's ****** incredible - man!" from HEROES AND VILLANS BAND TOUR, Europe 1993

"yeah, I mean, I have got these amazing violins made in Birmingham by David Bruce Johnson...

 great electric violins... first ones that don't sound too plastic and trebly",

BBC R4 Front Row interview (09/10/07)

Click on the icon below to hear Nigel Kennedy's  BBC R4 Front Row interview (09/10/07)

 regarding his new classical recording "Polish Spirit" .    


"It has the subtlety of response of an acoustic instrument -that Helicore C string is worth dying for"

Cathy Stevens, EUROPA STRING CHOIR, 6 string viola, sea blue stain.

"A most welcome addition to the world of electric violin. In just a few months , the six string

Violectra has become one of my main instruments."1997 US Tour, World Tour 1998(Hawaii,Brazil,Europe).

Jean-Luc Ponty, Premier Electric Violinist, 6 string violin, sea blue stain.

"a powerful tone with full response and no feedback"

Caroline Lavelle, 5 string Violectra cello with traditional peg box, natural finish.

"excellent make and tone"

Didier Lockwood, from CORDES & AME, Improvised Jazz Method Violin Tutor, Didier Lockwood
6 string violin , bottle green sunburst.

"It's fantastic- thanks so much for such a beautiful creation!"
Monica Germino ELECTRA Amsterdam The Netherlands

New Violectra model, copy CERUTI Violin 1801,  AUGUST 2003

"beautifully made - beautifully balanced" 1992

"i have used this violin uphill and down dale for nigh on ten years and my loss, for such it is,

will surely be another's gain. Whoever is lucky enough to aquire it is buying a monster instrument.

 I have spent whole nights just looking at it, and i mean complete nights through to the early hours.

The balance will delight too. It feels as if it has no weight at all when its under the chin,

ts the easiest violin to play in the world and the most beautiful of all the electric violins i think.

In its own way you could say its the Rolls Royce of electric violins." 2002 

Dave Swarbrick, 4 string violin, custom amber tint

"It's an electric violin the difference being that this one works"

Martin Bell, The Wonder Stuff , World Tour 1992-1994, 5 string violin, spirit blue sunburst.

"It's a privilege to experience history in the making - literally!

The sounds and character of VIOLECTRA bring the violin into the 21st century -

its versatility and range will threaten the reign of the saxophone - it's changed my life!"

Kathy Heslop, VIE'LECTRIQUE, 5 string violin, sea blue sunburst

Kaitlyn Maria Filipinni; USA, 5 string; Aug 2012; http://kaitlynhova.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/violectra/


'I bought my Violectra in November 1994 and it's been my trusty companion on the road for over a thousands gigs since.

 With a beautiful sound and an innovative timeless design, the Violectra is admired by all who play it and see it.'

Jonny Rye, The Ryes, 4 string violin , Claret Stain

"I can make it sound as unlike a violin as I want - people actually ask me to turn it down"

Dave Coulter, (THE POGUES, BRIAN ENO) 4 string violin, black stain

"a beautiful 'real' violin sound - still heard above Icebreakers's sonic assault"

Joanna Parker, ICEBREAKER, 5 string violin, red/claret sunburst

"it goes beyond your imagination and allows me to be a bass, cello, viola & violin player all on one gig"

Pete Hartley , 7 string violin, natural finish

" the best electric instrument design"

John Bews GALLUS, Edinburgh, 6 string violin, purple stain

"you can feel the bottom 'F' through the floor"

Audrey Riley, ICEBREAKER, 5 string cello, red/claret sunburst

"During 1999 blue Sugar Tour we had a string quartet .

During first rehearsals using traditional strings the sound was not big enough and we encountered feedback problems,

 in other words we couldn't obtain a sound adapted for a rock concert.

Thanks to Violectra electric strings, we solved the problem and get a constant powerful sound at every gig.

 In addition they have a very attractive look , very modern having a very good impact on stage.

The musicians were enthusiastic. These instruments are unique and incredibly resistant ,so,…

perfect for a live situation- Thanks VIOLECTRA!!

Zucchero, Italy, BLUE SUGAR TOUR, Europe 1999.Violectra quartet Metallic blue finish.

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