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Violectra's success lies in its combination of an innovative instrument design with a unique system of piezo- electric bridge transducer technology.

( 'piezo' literally means 'pressure sensing').


This works by replacing the acoustic body with a skeletal- frame body construction. The piezo-electric signal produced is directly sensing wood

vibrations with no possible loss of tone production, distortion or feedback usually found when amplifying through an air born acoustic body.

Violectra works by the string tension over the bridge being increased in mass by the wooden frame underneath. This is similar to how a tuning fork

increases in volume when struck and placed upon a wooden surface. An active response is created by the interaction with the arched and open

frame of the body underneath. The result is a powerful output with a balanced and full tone and the dynamic response more accustomed to an

acoustic instrument.





I have worked with Supersensitive String Co of Florida, since the mid 1990's, and now electric string

players can choose between 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 string violin and viola models, 4, 5 & 6 string cellos models,

Vio-basses and octave tuned instruments.


This has made many possibilities with pitches from violin to viola, cello, or double bass on one

instrument...or lower octave and bass tuned Violectras






Violectra Violin bridge




Over the past 10 years, we have developed our own ideas and production

techniques with piezo bridge making. All Violectra bridges are custom made to our

own design, exclusively, since 2008.


The Violectra bridge is made of a solid inner of maple that is solid across the top of

the bridge and covered with hardwood plates of ebony or rosewood .





Violectra Cello Bridge 




The early Violectras used  Barbera Transducer Systems from New York

from 1992-1995. 



BTS Bridge





From 1995-2008, we used a bridge system developed for Violectra instruments in

collaboration with a leading manufacturer of piezo transducer bridges; Alun

Jones, of Ashworth Electronics, Cornwall. 


Each bridge was made and fitted at Violectra, with the transducers fitted at

Ashworth Electronics.  


The bridge was made with individual posts of maple for each string with

imbedded transducers in the inner maple heart of the bridge, and faced with

rosewood plates.





Violectra-Ashworth Bridge


Sadly, in June 2008, Alun died suddenly while out rowing a boat. His work of over 30 years in transducer technology was innovative and unique and was used extensively used in the trade for amplification of all stringed instruments, acoustic and electric. 


Also a brilliant guitarist and musician, Alun is greatly missed.


Alun Ashworth in 1998



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