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Classic 4 string Ceruti 1801 Del Gesu 1724 5 string 6 string 7 string


Players can choose from 4/4; Classic; Ceruti 1801, & Del  Gesu 1724  models.

7/8, Magginni Long Pattern and other sizes to order



String model Tuning Tuning /Octave
4 string   e"  a'  d'  g  E5  A4  D4  G3
4 string octave  e'   a   d   G   E4  A3  D3  G2
4 String Bass  G  D  'A  'E  G2  D2  A1  E1
5 string  e"  a'  d'  g  c  E5  A4  D4  G3 C3
5 string octave  e'   a   d   G  C  E4  A3  D3  G2  C2
5 String bass ( Tenor in fifths)  a  d  G  C  'F  A3  D3  G2  C2  F1
6 string  e"  a'  d'   g   c   F  E5  A4  D4  G3  C3  F2
7 string  e"  a'  d'  g   c   F   Bb  E5  A4  D4  G3  C3  F2  Bb1
8 string  e"  a'   d'   g   c   F   Bb  Eb  E5  A4  D4  G3  C3  F2  Bb1  Eb1
8 String Octave pairs  e"/e'   a'/a    d'/d    g/G E5/E4   A4/A3   D4/D3   G3/G2



Classic 4 String Violin


BODY:- A streamlined body removing the 'corners' at the blocks and bridge arch. 

NECK:- The continuation of the neck under the fingerboard offering stability and practicality in finishing over the extended fingerboard.

SCROLL:- Strings are carried over nut to holes through scroll. String ball ends lock into recessed holes on the back face of profiled scroll

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Classic 4 string violin, made for Emma Gledhill, Switzerland  2004  





CERUTI  MODEL                                                          top of page 

FeaturesThis Violectra model copied the features of the old Italian master Ceruti, 1801.                                                                                                                                                                               

*Lightweight with extended rib for right hand support while playing over the body end of fingerboard (approx 515 gm less chinrest)  

*Extended top bout arm for hand support while playing up the fingerboard over the body.                      

*Narrow depth of ribs.            

*Traditional scroll


Made in August 2003 , for Monica Germino, of Amsterdam. 


GUARNERI 'DEL GESU' MODEL,                                                  Top of page

 Copy of the Guarneri 1724 violin; Made in Oct 04 for Leila Josefowicz, ( New York)  

Standard Features:

~ Extended 1/4 back in lower bout for support without use of shoulder  rest.

~ Lower corners for fastening shoulder  pad


4 String Del Gesu model 


made for Meiko Kanno,  


Head of Music studies

Durham, University, 




5 String Violin Standard model in pearlescent black finish,                    top of page 

for Steve Kinsell, 2006


6 String Violin made for PETE HARTLEY June 06              

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7 String Violin Model made for Bingen Mendizabal, Spain, 2002 top of page

 The range is from e a d g c f Bb , from violin to cello. Finish in natural Satin. 

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